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The experienced company of wood sector Rüyam Mobilya which was founded in 1974 has been continuing its production since 1998 under the name of Atölye Mutfak Sistemleri Ltd.Şti.
(Atölye Kitchen Systems Limited Company)

Atölye Mutfak, which manufactures in Eskişehir Organizational Industrial Zone within 3500 m2 closed and 8000 m2 open area, also adopts the total quality perception and innovative approach of stores working in Eskişehir and other cities.

Combining its investments on technology and people with its experiences, Atölye Mutfak also meticulously maintains thoroughness of the workshop.

Uniting modular kitchen production system with its own style and having the production approach toward design, Atölye Mutfak shows its caring for human health and environment in every single product.

Atölye Mutfak, being one of the leading brands of the sector with its years of experience, sustains its credibility on design, production, deliver and after delivery services.

Atölye Mutfak proceeds on its way in order to create life environments to be used from past to the future with an all times renewing approach and without conceding from quality.

Heading its way by the ‘’ Trust First ,, approach on giving you pleasant results, Atölye Mutfak is proud to be your choice.

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The latest technology our production facility

Who Are We?

Our Approach

Becoming a global brand by constantly increasing our reliable, good quality and recomended brand awareness that is recomended in Turkey market, and developing innovative services and products for the needs.

Considering the changing needs of our customers, creating absolute customer satisfaction with our aesthetic, functional and quality solutions and providing quality service.

  • Customer Focused
  • Creative
  • Reliable
  • Leading in Design
  • Transparency
  • Team Work
  • Keeping Up The Quality

We are at your service with our professional team and experience.